Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Bob Dylan Quilt Series: Batting

Now that I'm off vacation, it's time to resume the Bob Dylan quilt series! When we last left off, we had finished assembling the front of the quilt, and cutting the back.  Now it's time to put them together with batting.  I put the front and back together without batting just to cut any edges that are off so the front and back are perfectly the same size.

Now here's my batting.  Soooo, I ended up buying fusible batting, which I kind of regret.  It's all stiff and the wrinkles were hard to remove.  I ended up having to steam and stretch it the best I could with my iron (without touching the iron to it!!!)

Here's the batting after doing the best I could to get the wrinkles out.

Now put the batting between the front and back pieces.  Make sure to pin it so the front and back are as lined back up as possible.

Now trim the batting.  And Voila!!  We are ready for the next step!

Coming up  next week, I will assemble the bias tape and attack the border!

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