Tuesday, November 20, 2012

QuinnStitch: The future!

So QuinnStitch is now up and running on Twitter and Facebook, so make sure you subscribe to get all updates!  It's really been a slow process getting things going, and it is definitely a lot harder than I thought!  Especially balancing all the other things I have to do and make time to dedicate to QuinnStitch.  I really enjoy doing this, but I've made a list of things to do to really make this adventure successful:

1) Get a nice camera
Right now, I am using my phone (gasp!) to take pictures of the things I do to post on here.  Don't be SO shocked, I have a nice phone with very high resolution photos which aren't THAT bad!  But, I have noticed over the years that many bloggers use high end cameras to document their wares.  In fact, all the blogs I've perused lately have these cameras.  (you can notice by the blurry backgrounds and the GORGEOUSNESS) I've wanted a nice camera for a long time, but I'm now wondering if this is a requirement to have a successful blog in the first place and to make it seem professional.  Thoughts?

2) Network

I'm attempting to reach out to other bloggers as much as I can, because I'm pretty sure this is how the word gets out about new blogs.  Plus, the online community benefits from the support offered by likewise individuals, but... BUT:    I'm almost having a internal crisis about this.  One:  I'm actually kind of shy with this kind of thing.  Two:  Should I really start this process now while QuinnStitch is new?  OR should I do this when I have more content and posts to show that this is a legitimate endeavor?

3)  Get my crap online!

I really do have a stock-pile of things I've made over the years, and an almost constant level of potential content just from the massive amounts of cooking I do for myself and my husband.  The problem is getting it on here!  Again, that balance comes in.  To tell the internet the truth (hello, internet!) I am working on my PhD right now and that really eats up a lot of time, especially right now because it's the middle of the school-year and I'm attempting to defend my master's thesis in a couple of months.  Typical Laurie, launching a whole new project when there's 8,000 other things going on!  Oh well, I'll try my best.  Try to keep up the motivation!

4) Include more social commentary?

I'm really deciding as well on how the tone of this blog should be.  Would people want to see some other things, like music I'm listening to, or commentary of current issues or pop culture?  Snippets of my thoughts on issues?  I'm thinking maybe in moderation because I need to keep a clear focus.  

5) Stop being a wuss.

I've not even posted this blog on my personal Facebook or Twitter accounts because I'm-a-skeaared paw!! "Ahh people will judge me, what if they think I'm stuuuuupid?!?!?!"  That's some middle school BS right there.  I've really got to get over it, since, hey, if I'm opening up to strangers on the internet, I should open up to my friends and family, right?!

6)  I think my list has gotten a bit off track...

Anyways, things are definitely up and running now, bit by bit, and I just hope that people stumble across this from time to time and like what they see.  Because I really like showing it to you.  :)  If you have any other suggestions on how to make this blog work, please let me know in the comments!!

Your dutiful blogger-person,


(instagrammed it!)


  1. Nice list. I think it really helps to have goals. If I'm being honest, I think you DO need a nice camera to be on the level of other blogs that you admire. You're right - your photos up to now are really good. So, if you get a nice camera, they'll be even better and the blog will look very professional!

  2. I positively like "the list", it is varied and interesting, which seems to mirror you. I say go for it and let the blog lead you where it seems to go. I do not think there is a tried and true way of opening this venue to the public, and of course the more avenues you include and comment on, that will widen your audience base. Good luck! Looking forward to the cooking and your interesting commentary on issues.

  3. Kudos for being brave and going "public", haha!

    And Rachel (G) says "Cool!" :))