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Hey guys, my name is Laurie.  Living life in the glorious Midwest with my husband and my cat, I am a lover of many things.  Whether it's sewing, baking, cooking, gardening, tending to my home or feeding my over-large cat, I'm always up to something.  

My "real life" is spent in graduate school in Chicago, going to classes, learning interesting things about the inner workings of the mind, spending numerous days per week attending an internship/practicum, teaching ACT to high school students and engaging in riveting cutting edge research (at least I like to think so).  Even with all the different hats I wear in my normal life, I always find time to engage in all of my crazy hobbies.  It keeps me sane, and gives me a nice feeling of accomplishment when I'm done.

I've always wanted to share all the stuff I do with the internet, because let's be honest, the internet really doesn't have enough stuff to look at.  It really could use a bit more.  I hope you like what I have to offer. Let's do some stuff together, shall we?

As a plus, if you like some of the things you see here, GUESS WHAT?  I am selling some of my creations!  Head on over to my Etsy shop, Quinn Stitch to see what's on sale.

Oh and say hello to Oliver.  He'll most likely be making a few appearances here and there.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, please don't hesitate.  I have a number of avenues that you can contact me or to follow the updates of Quinnstitch:

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  1. This has to be the cutest picture of Oliver I have ever seen!