Monday, December 10, 2012

How to make: Fabric Cutout Christmas Cards

Hey guys!  How is everyone enjoying the Holiday season? I've been doing all sorts of awesome holiday things around the city the past couple weeks!  I'm finally finished my Christmas cards, and I decided to try one more style for you guys.  All you need is some fabric that you may have lying around, a pattern for the shape, and some card-stock for the cards!  (And glue)  You can either find a pattern you like on the internet or use cookie cutters, like I did.  

Spoiler alert, here's the final product:

I started with a snow man:
Mark the shape with a fabric pencil...

 Or in my case a sharpie.  And make sure you don't mark up your cookie cutter like I did.  WHOOPS!

Cut out your shape...

Glue it to the front of the cards...

And voila!  One ugly snowman card!  Hmm, let's see if we can do better.

Yess, this fabric will look nice.

Let's do a tree this time.

Normal pencil works on this one.  Make sure you mark on the back of the fabric.

Cut it out...

And glue it!  I like this one much better!

I've found that when I'm gluing the cards, the glue tends to make the card-stock bend.  Find the heaviest book you own and plop it down on top of the cards so they dry flat.  Here, this one will do!

Is this not the biggest book you've ever seen in your life?

After doing this, I went "OHH, I've got some leftover Christmas fabric in the bottom of that drawer!", like most people would say.  Let's repeat this process with actual Christmas fabric:

And here's the final product again!  Make sure you add text and decorate the insides accordingly.  CUUUTE! And SO easy!

If you liked this or you have some of your own DIY Christmas card ideas, let me know in the comments!  And don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

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